Berrys is a multidisciplinary business, with a legacy dating back to 1890.  Berrys Architectural Services are part of the wider Berrys development team operating across the UK. We are proud of our business, which provides unrivalled local knowledge through our network of offices in Shrewsbury, Kettering, Hereford, Towcester, Oxford and London.

Our architectural technicians provide a wealth of design experience and construction knowledge across a wide range of sectors.  Skilled in providing practical solutions with design flair, the team have regularly exceeded client expectations on projects ranging from the renovation of a single dwelling through to major residential and commercial developments.

Working alongside the award-winning planning department, our architectural team can provide a cost-effective and timely service.  By combining visionary design capability with an understanding of local authority expectations and planning practicalities, the Berrys team enables you to achieve your objectives in the most effective manner with the highest likelihood of success at the planning stage.

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