• Project Barn Conversion
  • Location Hope, Shropshire
  • Status On going

Berrys are pleased to be involved in an exciting new barn conversion, providing multiple residential units inside an existing farmyard, at Bromlow Hall Farm, Bromlow, Minsterley. As the barns are Grade II curtilage listed, a sensitive yet innovative scheme was prepared. Sensitively viewing the original form and design of the barns; existing openings within the barn were utilised for new timber doors and windows allowing for maximum light exposure, whilst the original barn doors and shutter are now functioning as decorative features by being pinned to the external walls. Whilst the design of the development was dictated by the original form of the barns, to maximise space and enhance functional flow of the building, an agreement was made with the LPA to raise the roof of the elongated barn and then replace the old roof of the entire development with a contemporary style steel seam panel roof. Relatable to the existing shutters and doors, all of the barns trusses are incorporated into the new roof and kept as an aesthetic reminder of the barns history.